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If you do not yet have access to the system, please first make a user request in the open area.

If you already have an account, please click on Sign in (top right) and login with your username and password. Afterwards you will see in the navigation on the left all areas that are accessible to you.

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You basically work online with PerFact::EMA. The data you edit is stored on the central system when it is saved. Other departments and persons can continue to work on the data prepared by you via the same application, immediately and without media breaks.

PerFact::EMA thus supports the processes in your company and the coordination with external parties. Because PerFact::EMA can be used externally as well as internally.

Fast navigation

You want to get to a particular bin, order, or other database item as quickly as possible? No problem, simply enter the order number, the article, etc. in the search mask!

Note: The implementation of the search function is project-dependent. If the search function for the object you are looking for is not yet activated, ask the support to implement it.



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