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Kunde – 360° Service Portal

Status: 21.10.2021, Version: 2021.42.4-All, DB-Utils: 3.14.pre



Welcome to PerFact::EMA!

If you do not yet have access to the system, please first make a user request in the open area.

If you already have an account, please click on Sign in (top right) and login with your username and password. Afterwards you will see in the navigation on the left all areas that are accessible to you.

To change your password and make additional settings to your user account, click on your name in the upper right corner.


You basically work online with PerFact::EMA. The data you edit is stored on the central system when it is saved. Other departments and persons can continue to work on the data prepared by you via the same application, immediately and without media breaks.

PerFact::EMA thus supports the processes in your company and the coordination with external parties. Because PerFact::EMA can be used externally as well as internally.

Fast navigation

You want to get to a particular bin, order, or other database item as quickly as possible? No problem, simply enter the order number, the article, etc. in the search mask!

Note: The implementation of the search function is project-dependent. If the search function for the object you are looking for is not yet activated, ask the support to implement it.



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1 PerFact::MPA

Meeting Point Architektur (MPA)

Central service management - this is PerFact::MPA. With the IT architecture for remote maintenance due internet you and your worker have the overview over the current state and maintenance history your machines. The position of your machines doesnt matter.


PerFact::MPA contains ...


File transfer

You can transfer data witrh customers or workers. It doesnt matter if you want to share a file or want to receive one. Every fle is scanned through a virus scanner and is only reachable from the user you give the password to the file.


Remote maintenance

Either you are a machine producer or a machine operator: Both ways are shown here. You can give your technican the permission to maintain machines from the internet - only if the customer give the permission to do it.

Or you allow your supplier to maintain their machines or only one of it. If you doesnt want the connection anymore you can close it by a buttonpress.



You have a task, demand or something else to work on, you can describe it here as a ticket. You get one task in one ticket, describe it and give it a priority so you can work on it. So you can plan tickets for other technicans that they only have to work on it. If you are finished with a ticket, it stays still there for documentation.


Maintmanager (coming soon!)

You or your customers have machines to be maintained, you can do it in the maintmanager. You can create maintenances for a machine type with description and interval. If you want you can work on the maintenances with a plan or on every single maintenance. The next date for the maintenance will be calculated and you receive a message for it.


Mobile Instandhaltung (coming soon!)

Adjusted for the production, you can work on orders with instructions. You can create ordery if you have eonough rights. Technicans can work on instructions they are matched to. They can report their work times and mark the work as finished. Once all instructions are finished, the administrator can control the order and close it.


Shiftplaner (coming soon!)

You search for a possibility to organize the shifts of your technicans and display it to them? With the shiftplaner is it possible! You say with event is possible to other users and which events are only shown to the user the shift belongs to. (eg sickness)



In the administration you manage the users for the portal and the structure elements. The structure elements displays your plant structure or the structure of your customer. The administration forms for the modules are under the main administration.

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